Portland Painters Review

This is my weak spot. I’m new here. Just moved from Florida. But here’s the good news:

I’ll be trying a lot harder! Plus, obviously, I have plenty of references from back home.

For starters, you can google my name – Mark Ivar Myhre

Also, if you type in the phrase – gainesville painters – then you should see my site at the very top of the rankings.  (Well… it’s there now.)

Once you find the Gator Painters website, then you can read the reviews others left there.


Oh, and here’s a few recent house painting projects:

I loved painting this front door.

painted front door





















As you see from the photos below, painting helps.














I don’t usually paint and repair bird houses, but there you go.

birdhouse I built and painted

birdhouse before painting

Before I fixed it up


















Here I painted the famous Orange and Blue Gator colors at a city park in Gainesville.  I also did the floor, which is a little hard to appreciate from this photo.

Orange and blue














after painting walls






This shot was taken right after we painted the walls, but before we painted the floor.

And below, you see what it looked like before we started.


before we painted






















Beautiful house… lovely people… I can’t believe they pay me to do this stuff!

house I recently painted


Here's what it looked like before I got there

Here’s what it looked like before I got there









Another recent adventure in painting.

another house successfully painted














Before picture, obviously.  Back when it was haunted.  As you might imagine, the paint job took care of that little problem.













Alright, one more.  But that’s it.  I don’t want to spoil you.



what it looked like before painting

One more ‘before’ picture
























Here’s me on the fifty yard line of a Gator game during the Muschamp era.  I think this goes a long way towards establishing my credibility.

painter attends game

Me on the fifty yard line.
















Here’s a picture of my dad with his son-in-law, retired professional baseball player, John Wasden.  Frankly, I don’t know what else I can do to establish my credibility.  Hey, I took the damn picture.

pro baseball player

My dad with John Wasden














Last but not least, here’s my own ‘before and after’ photos. Except, I don’t have the ‘after’ shot yet. Working on it.

Here's MY 'before' picture; I'm losing weight!

Here’s MY ‘before’ picture; I’m losing weight!