About Me

Portland Painter Dude



Hi, my name is Mark Myhre and I paint houses in the swamplands of Florida.  But I’ll soon be moving to Portland Oregon, because I love the Pacific Northwest.

By the time you read this, I may already have moved.  In which case, you’re in the future, and I’m coming to you from the past.

It’s all part of the space-time continuum.  But I digress…





Here’s a picture of the family at my dad’s 90th birthday party in Panama City Beach; which has nothing whatsoever to do with house painting

the portland painter's family












I specialize in the small jobs: Maybe a living room, or a kitchen, or a couple of bedrooms…  Or maybe a small exterior.  Or maybe a birdhouse.












Why? Two reasons.

First of all, it’s more fun.  You get in and out quickly, and you don’t have a chance to get bogged down for too long at one place, which sometimes happens.

Second, I’m pretty much a one-man show.  I don’t have a big crew, and I don’t want one.  I’ve found it’s so much easier and less stressful to keep things small.  WAY less hassle!

But don’t let that dissuade you from contacting me because you think your house painting needs may be too large.  I’ve worked on some pretty big projects, with as many as 14 employees at one time.

If it looks like a fun job, then I may still take it on no matter how big it is.

Here’s a job I’m working on now: (this is NOT a small job)

House about to be painted.









back view of house I'm about to paint












Remind me to include some ‘after’ pictures of this place!



Tickled to death that I found this hard hat in the shed behind the house.


And just so you know:  

The name of my business is Mark’s Painting Service.

Portland Painters is the name of the website.  

I used the domain name portland-painters.com because I thought it would rank higher in the search results of Google.

I guess it worked.




And by the way, the rumors are true.

I really do put magic on the walls when I paint.

How do I do it?

Well, you gotta have it in you, if you wanna get it out of you.

In other words, you have to BE it, before you can DO it.

In my case, I started practicing meditation a few years before I ever started painting houses.

  • 1974: Started meditation practice at age 17.
  • 1979: Started painting houses in Florida at age 23.

I learned that our natural state consists of magic, once we heal our emotional and mental garbage.

Just clear out the baggage, and you will naturally live a magical life.

Once you learn how to open your heart and let the energy flow through you, then you can do almost anything you want, and it will feel wonderful.

That’s my secret to bringing so much vitality and aliveness to the job everyday.  The Portland Painters Smile